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Welcome to MOD-U Modulars, where innovation and efficiency meet in the construction industry. Our modular structures are built using the revolutionary SABS Building System, developed by Strata International Group, Inc. This cutting-edge system has transformed the construction landscape by reducing costs and timelines while maintaining exceptional quality.

At the core of the SABS Building System lies EPS foam, which acts as the skeleton and frame of the structure. This EPS foam is fabricated into 8' x 4' grid panels, which are used to create the form for the entire building, including exterior and interior walls, mid floors, and roof. This innovative approach minimizes the number of components required for construction, streamlining the process significantly.

The EPS foam not only serves as the structural framework but also provides insulation, making the buildings energy-efficient. Additionally, all utilities are channeled directly into the EPS foam walls, optimizing space utilization and ensuring convenience.

Once the EPS foam skeleton is completed, it undergoes a coating process using Strata's proprietary patented mix called Sabscete. This cementitious coating, known as Sabscrete, is carefully mixed and applied using conventional methods. The thickness of the SABS coating is determined by a comprehensive FEA engineering report, ensuring structural integrity and durability.

The finished SABS structure can be adorned with conventional interior and exterior finishes such as stucco, drywall mud, sheet rock, and facia. This allows for flexibility and customization, ensuring that our modular structures seamlessly blend into any architectural style.

The SABS Building System is truly remarkable, offering a range of exceptional qualities. It is engineered to withstand earthquakes, making it an ideal choice for seismic regions. Moreover, it is water and vapor proof, ensuring protection against moisture-related issues. With its impressive fire resistance capabilities, achieving a Class A finish interior with a flame-spread index of 25 or less and a smoke-developed index of 450 or less, our structures prioritize safety. Additionally, they can withstand winds of up to 265 MPH, making them resilient in even the most challenging weather conditions.

Our commitment to innovation and quality extends beyond construction. The SABS Building System is designed for disaster relief, providing a reliable and efficient solution in times of crisis. With our patented structural design software, we can prepare comprehensive FEA engineering reports, allowing the building design to undergo rigorous testing in a virtual environment before construction begins. This ensures that our structures meet the highest standards of strength and safety.

The SABS Building System represents a breakthrough in construction technology, utilizing a nano composite of foam and Sabscrete to create a structural system that excels in both strength and efficiency. By leveraging this system, MOD-U Modulars offers high-quality, durable, and cost-effective solutions for a variety of applications.


Experience the future of construction with MOD-U Modulars and witness firsthand the benefits of the SABS Building System. From its remarkable strength and durability to its efficient construction process, we are revolutionizing the way buildings are designed and built.

Meet Our Team

Meet Our Dedicated Team at MOD-U & Strata International Group, Inc (Founding Company) here to support all your modular needs. With our innovative building technology, the SABS Building System, we strive to deliver exceptional solutions that exceed expectations. For more information on Strata International Group, Inc. and the remarkable SABS Building System, please visit our website at Our team is excited to collaborate with you and provide top-notch modular construction services.

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Product of SABS



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